Helm Chart Values Reference


The crds Helm chart does not accept any values.

Operator Helm Charts

The YAOOK Operator Helm charts share common values which you can set via the usual means. They are documented here.


(string) The docker image repository to pull the operator image from.

Default: "registry.yaook.cloud/yaook/operator"


(string) The imagePullPolicy to set on the pod.

Default: "IfNotPresent"


(object) The spec.container[].resources field of the Operator container. See ResourceRequirements for syntax.

Default: {}


(list of strings) Scheduling keys to set on the Operator pod itself.

Default: ["operator.yaook.cloud/any", "operator.yaook.cloud/OPERATORNAME"], where OPERATORNAME is the name of the operator (without the -operator suffix), e.g. keystone-resources.


(string) Set the verbosity level. This goes from 0 (ERRORs only) to 3 (DEBUG messages).

Default: "3"


(list of EnvVar) Add extra environment variables to the Operator container.

Default: []


(list of LocalObjectReference) Optionally set image pull secrets necessary to pull the operator image itself.


This does not affect the pods spawned by the Operator; you need to set image pull secrets on the custom resources for that.

Default: []


(boolean) Enable optimizations in Python. There is seldom a reason to turn this off.

Default: true


(string) Name of a Kubernetes Secret containing a docker config json (kubernetes.io/dockerconfigjson type) to mount into the container. This will automatically set the YAOOK_OP_DOCKER_CONFIG. Should generally not be needed thanks to pinned versions.

Default: "" (disabled)


(string) Optional specify a name of a ConfigMap which is mounted within the operator container under /etc/pki/tls/certs. If set the environment variable REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE is set to point to /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt. The operator then uses that file as the CA bundle. This can be useful for example if a private image registry is used which is secured by a certificate not signed by a official CA.

Default: "" (disabled)