Operator Helm chart values

This section describes the Helm chart values for the operator Helm charts added by Yaook. The list of values might not be exhaustive. Further information about available Helm chart values can be found in yaook/helm_builder/Charts/*/values-template.yaml.j2.


Available to all OpenStack service operators. Allows to pass image registry credentials to the operators.

The operators might contact the image registry to retrieve all available tags for an image. In case of a private registry which requires credentials, operator.dockerConfigSecret allows to specify the name of a K8s secret which contains the credentials and is then made available to the operators.

Such a K8s secret of type kubernetes.io/dockerconfigjson can be created like that:

kubectl -n NAMESPACE create secret docker-registry SECRETNAME --docker-password='PASSWORD' --docker-server='REGISTRYNAME.DOMAIN:PORT' --docker-username='USERNAME'

If the operator image is to be pulled from a private registry as well, you may need to set the Helm chart value operator.imagePullSecrets[].name to the name of a corresponding Kubernetes secret as well. For example as parameter to helm: --set "operator.imagePullSecrets[0].name=SECRETNAME".


Available to all OpenStack service operators. Allows to pass a custom CA bundle to the operators.

Set the Helm chart value operator.caConfigMap to a name of a proper Kubernetes ConfigMap. That ConfigMap needs to have the following structure:

apiVersion: v1
  ca-bundle.crt: |-
    8<... 1st certificate ...>8
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    8<... 2nd certificate ...>8
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    8<... n-th certificate ...>8
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
immutable: true
kind: ConfigMap

The ConfigMap then is mounted inside the operator container under /etc/pki/tls/certs and the environment variable REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE is set to point to /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt. Hence the first key of data MUST be ca-bundle.crt.

This is useful for example if an alternative image registry is used which is protected by a TLS certificate not signed by a official CA.

Note: The operator will only use the provided CA bundle and ignore the bundle file carried with certifi that bundles a collection of official CA certificates. It might be desired to rather use that bundle appended by the CA certificate of e.g. the alternative image registry. To build such a Kubernetes ConfigMap the Python script ./tools/create_ca_bundle_configmap.py can help. It is used like that:

python create_ca_bundle_configmap.py CONFIG_MAP_NAME ./ca-certificate-of-private-registry.crt  | kubectl -n NAMESPACE apply -f -